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Quality Statement Policy

We are committed to execute the work as per client requirement, delivered equal to or exceeding the specified requirements of the project.

The general philosophy is to operate and maintain the system which provide documentary evidence that the work has been executed to the issued specification and were any deviation from this has been made that is recorded and approved.

STEEL TECH ENGINEERING is committed to apply total quality management systems within its business to meet the requirements of the Client

  • Periodic reviews of the performance of the processes within respective areas. When planned results are not achieved, correction and corrective measures is taken, as appropriate, to ensure conformity.
  • Document control, process control, quality checkpoints, inspection, constant monitoring of work quality with work safety and effective operation and maintenance management.
  • Continually improves the effectiveness of the quality management system through the use of quality policy, safety policy, objectives, audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions and management review.

Fabricator Capability Certificate